Plenary and Workshop Powerpoint Slides and Other Resources

We will continue to add the Powerpoint slides from Plenary and Workshop sessions as we get them. We hope you find the resources helpful in working with your Department to enact your Action Plan!

Opening session (change strategies, professional identity, and overview of STEM Department Evaluation Rubric).

  • Note from Ellen Goldey: If you are interested in the graphics embedded in the opening session's powerpoint presentation, they are available at minimal cost from Due to copyright agreements (and the huge size of the file), I cannot include the actual PP here with the animations.

Saundra McGuire's Plenary on Metacognition and her workshop on Motivating Students to use Metacognition.

Beth Ambos Plenary on the Council for Undergraduate Research ( and consideration of using it as a SACS QEP.

Erin Dolan Plenary: the 20,000 foot view of undergraduate science education.