The STEM Department Evaluation Rubric

This Rubric was developed to stimulate honest conversation about current strengths, serve as a guidepost for setting aspirational goals, and build the grassroots leadership of all members of a department, regardless of experience level or particular area of expertise.

The Rubric is intentionally brief, and it can help make the most of limited face time by establishing a common language and a baseline of knowledge about its topics.

Running down the left of the Rubric is a list of factors that optimize student learning and faculty performance. Across the top from left to right runs a scale, from baseline to exemplary, with corresponding descriptions of increasing departmental achievement for each factor.

'Baseline' should not be perceived as anything but an opportunity to grow, as it represents the common starting point for reform at most institutions. The ‘Exemplary’ category is intentionally ambitious, and it may be unlikely that any institution will ever achieve ‘Exemplary’ in all factors, nor should ‘Exemplary’ be confused with some fixed target, lest it justify complacency.

Goals and Intended Use of STEM Department Evaluation Rubric

STEM Department Evaluation Rubric
Participants (from a variety of different institutions) in the ASB 2015 workshop place dots on a blank STEM Department Evaluation Rubric indicating their perception of where their own department is now. The darker dots indicate which factors a participant viewed as a top priority for change in his/her own department.